Welcome to St Dominicís Hostel homepage. Feel free to explore our site to discover our commitment in the work that we do and loads more.

 St Dominicís Hostel is a low care   facility   with   aging   in   place  catering for all Nationalities and all Denominations; pensioners and non pensioners.  It is well maintained, clean and offers comfortable and beautiful interior settings. 

St. Dominicís Hostel

Aged Care Facility

171 Walters Road


NSW, Australia

To contact us:

Phone: (02) 9831 2054

Fax: (02) 9671 1439

E-mail: domsis@ozemail.com.au

St. Dominicís Hostel Blacktown

 St. Dominicís Hostel is now on SkypeÖ†† Address: saint.dominics.nsw

 Winter Newsletter Out Now!!

This Hostel has already undergone 5 Accreditations and is proud to have passed all the 4 Standards and 44 Outcomes.


St. Dominicís Hostel was a finalist for Blacktown Advocate 2007 True Local Business Awards

St. DominicóThe Patron Saint of the Hostel

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